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Tailwheel Training & Multi-Engine Time Building

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Tailwheel Training

Tailwheel, spin/upset recovery & aerobatic training available for all pilots.  Flights are conducted from Herlong airport in Jacksonville, Florida.  Enjoy flying again by getting onboard the Bellanca Citabria with a seasoned Naval Aviator!  

Fly with the door off when temps are warm!  There is nothing like landing in the grass with the door off on a warm, lazy afternoon.


Need multi-engine time for the airlines or charter?  Old Buzzard Aviation can build your multi-engine time in the Beechcraft Travel Air.  I customize your time-building package based on the hours that you need and can do mini or day trips to quickly knock out your hour requirements.  

designated Pilot examiner services (DPE)

Visit NorthFloridaDPE.com for booking practical tests or click the button below.

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