Multi Engine Time Building & Training

Old Buzzard Aviation uses the 1967 Beechcraft Travel Air.  The Travel Air is a 4-place, conventional twin utilizing the fuel injected IO-360 engines.  It has autopilot, standard avionics and exceptional visibility.    

Multi-Engine Time Building


You can build valuable multi-engine PIC time for just $230/hr wet!  

This is the cheapest multi-engine time you will find in the state of Florida.  For pilots looking to join the airlines, 50 hours of multi-engine time is required.  Most schools charge at least $350-$500/hr or more for multi-engine time.  Old Buzzard Aviation will help you with your time building for almost half that cost.  No solo's allowed, you will have me as your ATP rated safety/co-pilot at $50/hr.  Time building is accomplished by flying cross-country flights across the Southeast to destinations of your choice.  Fly in style in the vintage Travel-Air!  

Multi Engine Training

Old Buzzard Aviation can do your Private, Commercial and ATP Multi-Engine training.  We use the ASA Multi-Engine Syllabus and this syllabus is simple, easy to read, and is made by one of the best aviation training companies in the world.  Expect approximately 10 hours of flight training to prepare for the Practical Test.

Cost:  $230/hr wet for the aircraft, $50/hr for instruction


Herlong Airport (KHEG)

Jacksonville, Florida

Flights by appointment only. 


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