Multi Engine Time Building

Old Buzzard Aviation uses the 1967 Beechcraft Travel Air.  The Travel Air is a 4-place, conventional twin utilizing the fuel injected IO-360 engines.  It has autopilot, standard avionics and exceptional visibility.    


You can build valuable multi-engine PIC time for just $245/hr wet!  

This is the cheapest multi-engine time you will find in the state of Florida.  For pilots looking to join the airlines, 50 hours of multi-engine time is required.  Most schools charge at least $350-$500/hr or more for multi-engine time.  Old Buzzard Aviation will help you with your time building for almost half that cost.  No solo's allowed, you will have me as your ATP rated safety/co-pilot at $50/hr.  Time building is accomplished by flying cross-country flights across the Southeast to destinations of your choice.  Fly in style in the vintage Travel-Air!  

travel air cockpit.JPG
D95 front.JPG