Spin Endorsements & Aerobatics

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Spin Endorsements for CFI's

All CFI applicants require spin training IAW FAR 61.183.  Most aircraft are prohibited from spins or next to impossible to get in the "Utility" category.  You can earn this endorsement in my Citabria in a single session.  We'll cover stall/spin awareness on the ground, then take to the skies to learn the 4 phases of a spin, and most importantly, how to recover from spins that your future students will accidentally put you in.  Gain confidence in knowing that you can recover from any unusual attitude or upset condition that your future students (or you) may put you in.   


- Must be enrolled in a CFI course if obtaining a Spin Endorsement

- Upset recovery and spin training is available to other pilots.

Required Reading Prior to Flight

- AC 61-67C

- Airplane Flying Handbook CH 4


- Flat rate of $240.  Cost includes all Ground and Flight Time.

Basic Aerobatics
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You know that "Citabria" is "Airbatic" spelled backwards, right?  Learn to fly precision aerobatics with an experienced Navy flight instructor.  I'll teach you loops, rolls, wing-overs, barrel rolls, hammerheads, spins and more. 


**Due to the requirement to wear parachutes, maximum pilot weight for aerobatic flight is 210 lbs. 


- No experience required 

- Be at least a qualified Private Pilot 

- Be under 210 lbs (for weight & balance reasons)


- $240 flat rate, includes all ground, parachute, and flight session.  Each aerobatic session runs approximately 45-60 minutes.