Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Can you do flights other than training, like birthday flights and tours over downtown?

A.  Yes.  Although OBA is not a sightseeing operation, we can do a "Discovery Flight" tailored to your needs.

Q.  Can you do aerobatics in the Citabria?

A.  Yes, the Citabria (Airbatic spelled backwards) is rated for most aerobatics. 

Q.  Can you train on days other than Weekends?

A.  Yes.  You can train on weekday afternoons by appointment only. 


Q.  Can you train after sunset?

A.  Yes, the Citabria and Travel Air are equipped for night operation.  


Q.  Can the student rent the aircraft after the Tailwheel Endorsement is earned?

A.  The aircraft may be rented for currency and proficiency, but normal rates apply due to insurance requirements not allowing solo flight for the newly minted Taildragger pilot.  


Q.  How much will a Tailwheel Endorsement cost?

A.  Old Buzzard Aviation averages 4-5 hours of training time if the student is a current pilot.  It will take longer for pilots who are not current.  Most pilots spend approximately $750-$850, look on "Rates" page for costs.


Q.  I'm interested, how do I start and what's involved?

A.  Just email or call at the info listed below.