Tailwheel Training


Old Buzzard Aviation offers tailwheel training in the 1972 Bellanca Citabria.   

Earn your Tailwheel Endorsement
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Flying a taildragger isn't difficult, just different.  Why not renew your Flight Review by learning to fly a taildragger?  Visit Herlong airport for a Discovery Flight or contact me to set your appointment to learn to fly the Bellanca Citabria.



- No experience required for Discovery Flights

- Be at least a Student Pilot to get tailwheel endorsement

- Be under 250 lbs (for weight & balance)

- You will receive and log ground and flight training as per FAA regulations.


Normally 4 flights are required, each approximately 1 hour long.  Regulations specify that the Tailwheel Endorsement is earned when the pilot is proficient in normal and crosswind takeoffs and landings, to include full stall and wheel landings.

The 4 flights can be completed in a full day or spread out over time, whatever is convenient for you.

Fly 1:  20 minute Ground, 1 hr flight.  Basic ground and flight maneuvering & introduction to full stall landings.

Fly 2:  1 hr flight.  Introduction to wheel landings.  

Fly 3:  1 hr flight.  Wheel and full stall landing proficiency.  

Fly 4:  1 hr flight.  30 minute pattern warm-up followed by 30 min simulated solo.  3 full stall and 3 wheel landings, each to a full stop.

*Any of the above lessons can be repeated as necessary.

The Tailwheel Endorsement is earned at the successful completion of Fly 4.  If rated at least a Private Pilot ASEL, you will log all time as PIC.


Tailwheel Required Reading

All tailwheel students are required to read "Tailwheel Basics".  The Citabria Pilot Operating Handbook is for reference only and is not required reading.


Tailwheel Basics



Citabria Pilot Operating Handbook